New Watchmen art online

She’s only glimpsed fleetingly in the trailer, but Sally Jupiter (played by the lovely Carla Gugino) plays a pivotal role in the story, not the least part of which is that she’s Laurie (Malin Ackerman)’s mother and the one who press gangs her into taking on her superhero mantle as Silk Spectre II.

Now James Jean, an artist who worked on the movie, has posted a print he created for the set on his site. It’s an image of Sally in her Silk Spectre outfit as a ‘50s pin ups. The pic can be glimpsed in The Comedian’s apartment in a blink-and-you’ll miss it moment of the trailer, but thanks to Jean’s post on his website you can see it in all its glory. Now don’t you wish they’d give these away?

Source: ( processrecess )