New UT III demo details

Oct 11, 2007

Epic's Unreal Tournament III demo for PC will feature three maps and two of the game's six multiplayer modes, it's being reported.

Deathmatch and Vehicle Capture the Flag are the modes that will be included, Epic deciding to leave biggie Warfare out.

Warfare's a new mode for UT. It's a combination of Assault and Onslaught modes from previous games in the series, and it involves two teams battling for control of nodes on a map and ultimately trying to destroy the opposition's core.

Anyway, apparently one of the levels will definitely be Deathmatch map HeatRay - a "destroyed urban environment that features a lone DarkWalker which is dropped in at specified times during the match" - while a second is likely Deathmatch level ShangriLa which features Asian-themed architecture.

Afinal and third level will be Vehicle Capture the Flag map Suspense, which is set on a huge suspension bridge and the action occurring on, above and below the structure.

Epic said earlier in the weekthat it hopes to have the demo out "within two weeks."

[Source:Beyond Unreal]

Courtesy of CVG