New trailer introduces Hitman's first elusive target: get a good look & start planning

Hitman's first elusive target has entered Paris, and you'll only have one chance to make sure he leaves the Palais de Walewska in a body bag. Square Enix and IO Interactive published a new trailer that offers a good look at the target: Sergei Larin, "The Forger".

You'll need to use distinctive characteristics to single him out, since he won't show up on the minimap or in Instincts view mode - note his white apron and art appraiser spectacles. It looks like he spends some time out on a balcony, which would be an ideal time to give him a little push toward his ultimate fate. Otherwise you'll likely find him "inspecting" the art scattered around the palace.

Sergei Larin entered Paris at 5 pm BST / 9 am PDT, and everyone has exactly 48 hours from that point to take him out. If you miss that window, or if you try and fail, that's it. No do-overs. And there will be rewards beyond bragging rights: IO Interactive plans to give out special rewards to players who clear a certain number of Elusive Targets over the life of the game.

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