New third-person Call of Duty has been canceled

Sledgehammer Games, an indie-style satellite studio founded in 2009 under Activision, has officially canceled the third-person Call of Duty that was put on hold in June of this year. The studio decided to shift their talents away from the unnamed CoD when it became apparent that Modern Warfare 3 would need additional help, which Sledgehammer was more than happy to provide.

Glen Schofield, co-founder of Sledgehammer and Dead Space veteran, explains "we came on board to make a third-person action adventure game, in the Call of Duty franchise, and we were working on it about six months." At that point the team had a prototype, but never released any images publicly.

Sledgehammer was lured away by "the opportunity to work on the biggest thing in the industry with Infinity Ward,” said Sledgehammer Games VP Michael Condrey. He went on to explain that the team members are big fans of the CoD franchise and capable of switching to first-person: "there's a lot of people on the team who have worked on Call of Duty before, who have worked on first-person shooters before, so there's a lot of built-in knowledge about the first-person shooter genre and a lot of passionate gamers. Some guys on the floor are tenth level prestige in Black Ops.”

Modern Warfare 3 has no doubt benefited from Sledgehammer's FPS experience. For example, they've provided assistance for colorblind people. But you can see the fruits of their labor for yourself on October 25, the day Modern Warfare 3 ships.

Sept 2, 2011

Source: GameSpot