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New Superhero Show From Being Human Creators

Being Human creator and producer to launch their own independent production company with Orphans

Being Human creator Toby Whithouse and producer Matthew Bouch are launching their own independent production company, Scoundrel, and its first project will be a six-part superhero drama for BBC1 called Orphans .

The hour-long episodes will follow a “disparate” group of superheroes who live in a world that appears like our own but is gradually revealed to be quite different. The aim, apparently, is to create a show that does for superheroes, what Being Human did for werewolves and vampires. Which sounds great – and we love Being Human – but you can’t help thinking that Misfits has done that already. Hopefully Orphans is sufficiently different to carve out its own niche. And it’s on BBC1 too, so that suggest certain tonal differences straight off.

Matthew Bouch told Broadcast magazine: “In the process of doing Being Human we discovered our sensibilities were very similar. They are very unorthodox in a way, certainly in the combinations of genres that we use. We needed to set up on our own so that we could enjoy that freedom and the spoils of our labour.”