New Super Mario Bros 2 gets its first DLC - watch the new Coin Rush action here

The first ever DLC for a core Mario game is upon us, or at least upon Japanese gamers as there's no concrete release date for the UK/US just yet. It's new levels for Coin Rush mode in New Super Mario Bros 2 on 3DS, available to purchase from an in-game shop. Son't say Nintendo never moves with the times.

There are three packs, each costing 200 Yen (which is about £1.60). The Go! Go! Gold Mario pack is first, offering three new courses and 30,000 coins to collect.

The other two packs consist of a high score reward pack called 'Challenge The Record' which will post the names of top players on the New Super Mario Bros 2 website, and the 'Survival Panic Pack' which is said to be super-difficult. It sounds (and looks) great, as ultra-hardcore 2D Mario is something of a rarity these days.

A SpotPass notice on 2 October will announce the arrival of the shop, which will become available as a button at the bottom of the Coin Rush menu.

Justin Towell

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