New Resident Evil 6 details arrive from Japan

Capcom’s American division was pretty quiet on Resident Evil 6 after its announcement yesterday, letting the trailer and a brief press release speak for the title. But hours later in Japan, a big reveal/Resident Evil 15th anniversary event happened where the developers behind the game shared a little more info. It’s not much, but we’ll settle for knowing anything at this point.

So first off we now know the woman with Leon during the President Zombie opening is named Helena Harper. Apparently she’s part of the president’s standard security detail and got caught up in the bioterror attack alongside Leon. Is she a possible co-op partner?

Above: Is this beardless guy really named Beards?

Meanwhile, rumors are spreading the man arguing with Chris Redfield later in the trailer is the curiously named Beards Nevence, who appeared in a recent Resident Evil manga. Though this has yet to be confirmed by Capcom, we implicitly trust any fan wiki on this kind of thing (not really).

The last character named at the Japanese press event was Javo, a zombie unique enough to be singled out. The devs gave no real reason for focusing on him, but if they are bothering to mention this zombie during the reveal, he could be RE6’s equivalent to Nemesis, or something even bigger.

Lastly, the devs were still being coy about on who this guy is, but they sure made it sound like he’s working with Leon and Chris in a global operation. Based on that, we’d say that makes it pretty clear that guy isn’t Leon (setting aside the fact he looks nothing like Leon). Capcom wouldn’t name him, but described him as "the man who's told to save the world," which seems much more noble than the “I’m all about the money,” speech he gives in the trailer.

Described by the creator’s as one of the biggest games Capcom’s ever created, with over 600 people working on it and one time or another. We’ll know more about the game soon enough, but in the meantime, why not watch the trailer again? It couldn’t hurt.

Source: Andriasang

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