New One Piece Odyssey gameplay trailer reveals new locations to explore

A brand new One Piece Odyssey trailer shows off some new locations.

Just in time for the One Piece series' 25th anniversary this year, Bandai Namco is launching a new game based on Monkey D. Luffy and co., and this time around it's targeting the JRPG crowd. It's worth differentiating 2019's One Piece World Seeker, which resembles an open-world JRPG at first blush but doesn't feature many of the genre's core features, like turn-based combat for instance. In One Piece Odyssey's case, we're being promised a full-blown JRPG, and as we noted when it was revealed back in March, it looks a bit like a pirate Dragon Quest game.

Rather enticingly, One Piece Odyssey will feature new character and monster designs drawn up by original One Piece author Eiichiro Oda. Better yet, the game will benefit from a score composed by Dark Souls' Motoi Sakuraba - all the more reason to forget about the One Piece franchise's rather spotty history in video games and get excited for the stellar JRPG adaptation that just might be One Piece Odyssey. 

One Piece Odyssey doesn't have a release date yet, but today's trailer confirmed that it's still due to launch in 2022 as previously planned. In a time where video game release dates are almost expected to be delayed once or twice before launch, it's good to have confirmation that One Piece Odyssey is still on track to launch this year on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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