New NiGHTS confirmed

Sega fans have had more than enough reasons to mope throughout the last decade, but few things stung more than the needless lack of a proper NiGHTS sequel. After eleven years worth of flirting with resurrections, cameo appearances, and avid internet speculation, one of the most prolonged prick teases in all gamedom comes to a close: NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams is officially Wii bound.

It's easy to forget that NiGHTs into Dreams… was the first game to liberate us from the tyranny of D-pads back in 1996, and shepherded console gamers into a new era of analog(even if it was via a somewhat cumbersomecontrollerthat resembled a 45' LP.) And it's that same pioneering spirit that gets us so damned excitedabout the implementation of the Wii's controls into the unbound flight of the creepy-cute jester, NiGHTS. Especially in an era where port happy developers consider the Wii remote a mere extension of a thumbstick.

Given that Sonic Team lead programmer Yuji Naka won't be on board for the sequel, we're cautiously optimistic, and Sega's recent willingness tomassacre their beloved properties is also cause forminor concern. But soaring through the luscious dreamscapes of Nightopia once again;gliding, spiraling and creating elliptical vortexes at the grace of our own appendagesmakes theofficial announcment too enticing to be ignored. Even if the controls only require you to flail your arms semaphorically, like a spastic, flashlight-wielding runway worker, anyNiGHTS news is cause for some celebration. NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams is tentatively scheduled forafall release date and we'llkeep you posted on its arrival.

April 2, 2007