New Mass Effect game image teases the return of the Geth

Mass Effect 5
(Image credit: BioWare)

A brand new Mass Effect 5 teaser image was released by BioWare yesterday in celebration of N7 Day.

Just below, you can check out the brand new teaser image from BioWare. November 7, or 'N7 Day', marks the annual Mass Effect celebration from fans and developers alike, and the celebrations rounded out with one hell of a tease from BioWare.

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At first glance, this image appears to be little more than a group of explorers approaching a hole in a planet. Upon closer inspection, however, as many Mass Effect fans were doing yesterday, you can glean several additional details from the new image from BioWare.

For example, one of the four members departing from the Normandy appears to be wearing Krogan armor. Additionally, there's even some debate as to whether the spaceship seen here actually is the Normandy, or another iteration of the starship. Finally, there's no doubt that the entire image resembles that of a Geth warrior, which could represent a massive shift in the entire Mass Effect universe if the faction is truly returning.

In short, this is a nice acknowledgement from BioWare to fans that development of the next Mass Effect game is making progress. The new project was first teased back at The Game Awards in December 2020, confirming that Liara T'Soni of the original Mass Effect trilogy would be returning for the new game. This could be seen to go against a previous teaser for a new Mass Effect game, which hinted at a return to Andromeda. BioWare might be deep in development on Dragon Age 4, but it's good to know that the studio's next project has been confirmed.

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