New issue of PC Gamer out now

If the residual pandemonium from the holiday onslaught of console hyperbole has your noggin spinning, maybe it's time you saddled up with your PC, along with the new issue of PC Gamer. Forget Cell processors and HD-DVD peripherals, because the guys at our sister rag are painting the floor with your current comp's guts in their Ultimate Guide to Gaming Hardware.

At no additional charge, you'll also receive a bevy of reviews, including the likes of Gothic 3 and Splinter Cell Double Agent. And Elder Scrolls IV: Obliviongets a how-to concerning building your own Zombie Massacre, in addition to a preview of the latest expansion, Shivering Isles. All this plus letters, opinions andmultiplayer demo of War Front: Turning Pointare just a newsstand away - so get off your ass.

January 11, 2007