New Ghost Rider trailer!

Nic Cage brooding, best Elvis sneer in place or Nic Cage as a cackling skeleton on a bike, oh and he’s on fire riding up the side of buildings? We know what we’d rather see more of.

Let’s be honest, the first trailer for comic book adap’ Ghost Rider was a little cheesy – they needed to get all the back story gumph in there and now that’s out of the way, let’s hope the longer teaser gives us more scorched skeleton ripping up the city on a flamin’ Harley.

Those lovely people over at Moviefone are set to slap up the new trailer tomorrow, at 3pm LA time (so, somewhere in the region of 11pm our time) but if you can’t wait until then to get some GR action, then check out the new poster we’ve dug up for you.

Ghost Rider revs into theatres early next year.

Click here to head over to Moviefone.

Source: ( Moviefone )