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The new-generation consoles are slowly becoming easier to buy - although chip shortages are still limiting supply - with Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X nearing 18 months into their life. Notable releases such as Horizon Forbidden West, Halo Infinite and Gran Turismo 7 have hinted at the future of gaming, although are arguably being held back by their 'cross-gen' appearances on PS4 and Xbox One. 

However, demos such as The Matrix Awakens have teased the true capabilities of new-gen visuals, while Valve's recently launched Steam Deck makes PC gaming even more accessible - and portable. The Oculus Quest 2 headset continues to be an Amazon best-seller across sales periods like Black Friday, with Sony poised to reveal more about their virtual reality plans for PS5. Oh, and publishers briefly tried to sell you on NFTs. We don't talk about NFTs - but they'll be back. In some form.

As gaming wrestles with the transition from the previous generation of consoles, to something a little more exotic and unknown, we’d love to hear your views on PS5, Xbox Series X, and the way you play games. If you can spare five minutes to complete GamesRadar's new-generation gaming survey, you’ll be in with a chance to win a £200 Amazon voucher.

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A new dawn for console gaming is here - if you can find one, of course - and it's your chance to tell us what you're most looking forward to.

A new dawn for console gaming is here - if you can find one, of course - and it's your chance to tell us what you're most looking forward to. (Image credit: Future)

Have you already chosen your new-gen gaming console? Which games are you most looking forward to? What titles have you already bought? What exclusive games might tempt you to switch consoles? Will nobody think of the NFTs? Let us know what you think by following the link below.

The survey is only available until Friday April 1, 2022 (T&Cs apply*, UK readers only), so there’s not long to take part - and, no, this isn't an April Fool's joke, this is really when the survey ends.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning a £200 Amazon voucher, click the link below:

Don't forget to share your thoughts before the survey closes on April 1, 2022. Good luck!

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