New formats confirmed for Virtual Console

Games for the NEO GEO and MSX formats will be made available to download onto Wii as Nintendo expands its Virtual Console service.

The update, which is currently only confirmed for the Japanese Virtual Console, is due to be made in spring.

Nintendo had previously announced that the MSX was on its way to the Virtual Console, and Nintendo's official Japanese website has confirmed that two games, Eggy and Aleste, will be among the first available for the format. MSX games will cost 800 Wii Points.

The Virtual Console will also see increased third-party support with companies Spike, G-Mode, Pony Canyon and SNK all pledging to throw games at the service.

This should mean heaven for fans of 2D beat-'em-ups with games like Samurai Shodown, Art of Fighting, King of Fighters and SNK vs Capcom all possibilities for Wii.

And the coming of MSX brings with it the possibility that legendary space trade sim, Elite, could make its way to Wii.

Nintendo has "no further details at this time" in regards to when wemight see these updates.

February 23, 2007