New Crysis shots

Friday 21 April 2006
Just in case you're hungry, here is a handful of oven-fresh screenshots of Crytek's Crysis, a phenomenal-looking shooter from the team behind Far Cry.

Crysis takes place on a chain of stunning tropical islands - the kinds that make Far Cry's look more dull than delicious - featuring more foliage than you can shake a wood chipper at. In among this splendid jungle, disaster is looming in the form of a two-mile-high alien spaceship that's crashed down in the middle of the region.

Both North Korea and the US's elite Delta Force are closing in on the gargantuan craft, ultimately having to abandon any conflict of interest and join up for a far more interesting conflict - tackling the deadly extra-terrestrial scumbags in the zero gravity confines of their own mothership.

We're not sure of Crysis' release date, but it's one of those games that's looking so good that it's probably annoyingly far away. Maybe E3 can help us...