New Call of Duty 2 maps available now

Activision released four new Call of Duty 2 levels to Xbox Live Wednesday, and showed a sneak preview of five more maps at E3.

The fresh nine levels are being released in three packs. The Bonus Pack is free and contains Vossenack and Wallendar, both in Germany. The Skirmish Pack costs 400 Microsoft Points and adds Kalach, Russia and Beamont-Hague, France to your 360 hard drive.

The final collection is the Invasion Pack, which offers St. Louet, Amaye sur Seulles and Anctoville (all in France) as well as Rostov, Russia and Alam Halfa, Egypt.

All maps except Vossenack are reworks of single-player levels, and they have been optimized for the eight-player limit. Vossenack features a small village with bombed-out buildings, a small creek and several grassy hills - plenty of places to hide and seek cover.

Why not see it for yourself? We've got videos of battles in both Vossenack and Wallendar up on the Movies tab. Watch them, then go play them yourself.

May 11, 2006