New Back to the Future images turn us into wide-eyed 8-year-olds at 88 MPH

Ordinarily I'd be above using trite film quotes in a story about a game based on a cinematic property. To do so is, after all, a cheap and lazy way of making a gag. But I'll warn you right now that I'm so excited about Telltale Game's upcoming Back to the Future adventures than my inner child-of-the-'80s might not be able to contain himself. Becausethis new set of imageshave now arrived and frankly they look great. Scott.


Below, you will find three picsfrom Telltale's episodic BttF game. Personally I think they illustrate that TT made exactly the right call by going with caricatured art rather than realistc renders of Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox. While the latter two images look suspiciously close to concept art, the cartoony representations of bothBttF alumninail their characters and physicality perfectly, and are absolutely brimming with life. I can't wait to see them moving.

Whilethe images areshort on explicitplot points, we do know that the game is going to tell a new Back to the Future story set after the third film - so interestingly, after the time machine was destroyed - and by the looks of that billboard in the last shot, it appears the '50s are definitely in for a revisiting. So good luck not shagging your mum.



David Houghton
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