New Assassins Creed Revelations trailer proves old wrist blades can learn new tricks

We’ve seen a fair share of Assassin’s Creed Revelations videos, whether it’s Ezio's life story, how to anvigate a city and murder people with a hookblade, or how to best drop bombs on Templars. One thing all those trailers had in common was just how wordy they are, filled with gameplay and story explanations. Sometimes you just want to forgo words altogether. Sometimes you just want to hear Euro dance beats and watch a Renascence assassin kill people with all his sneaky weaponry. That’s where this most recent trailer comes in…

The juxtaposition of nasty violence against that beautiful architecture will never get old, but there were at least a few interesting story points dropped in among the slaying. Not only do we get to see the return of Ezio’s team of assassin’s taking down whoever he points at, we even get flashes of the series’ first protagonist, Altair. We see the Crusade-era killer stabbing away at his enemies, and are treated to the sight of Altair giving his mentor/betrayer from the first game a proper funeral pyer, one fit for a Viking warrior or Darth Vader.

Oct 19, 2011

Henry Gilbert

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