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Neves review

Neves = seven


  • Simple concept
  • Very addictive
  • Cart sharing
  • baby


  • 7 Step screw ups
  • Music is sub porn
  • Not for the dumb

Don't worry about how to pronounce it. It's just "Seven" backwards. And this little puzzle game is just a singularly succinct as its title. The screenshots should give you a good enough idea of how the game works. Based off the classic JapaneseLucky Puzzle, you're provided with a silhouette, then given seven shape pieces to replicate it. Simple right?

Above Left: It's a candle, parents! We swear - it's a candle!

This is just one of those games the DS was made for. Flipping, spinning and placing tiles could only work this well with the stylus. It requires some tough precision sometimes, but only in the 7 steps mode (self explanatory) will a miscalculation ever screw you. Luckily, the difficulty is amped up across the 500+ puzzles, so you'll be able to wade into the more demanding levels.

More Info

DescriptionIn this portable puzzler, you'll arrange wooden blocks according to the shape of a silhouette.
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date30 October 2007 (US), (UK)