Never lose a match in Mario Strikers Charged

Mario Strikers Chargedjust came outand we’re betting you're either ripping up the competition online or you’re sorely pissed that your best friend keeps landing Mega Strikes on your ass. Read our tips that’ll make you a stronger player and will have you mimicking Waluigi’s crotch-taunt in no time. GOAL!

Bird brains - Top sidekick #1
The lovely Birdo is unique in that her evasive move sets up her charged shot without warping her into trouble elsewhere on the field. Press the D-Pad just as the defenders get close and then charge the shot before they can get back on their feet. It’s worth at least a rebound. Birdo used to be a man, you know. Let’s move on.

Hammer time - Top sidekick #2
Hammer Bro is a great player if you want a few easy goals. He’s dead slow but his powered-up shot scores from anywhere inside the opposition’s third of the field. With two Hammer Bros, use one to flatten the defense and the other to wind up the shot.