Need for Speed: The Run story trailer tells you to run for your life

Driving across the country is a great way to gain perspective. It can change your outlook on life by showing you exactly how big and beautiful the United States really is. We don't expect we'll get that feeling while playing Need for Speed: The Run, because, from the sounds of this story trailer, there's nothing leisurely about this trip from the West Coast to the East...

Beyond being the first Need for Speed game to focus on an in-depth story, The Run looks like it's going to be unique for other reasons, too. The biggest detour is likely going to be the out-of-car segments, which allows (or, more likely, forces) the player to exit the vehicle, using quick-time events to fuel on-foot chase sequences. It might seem strange for Need for Speed to wheel-less, but as long as it still involves running fast we figure that it will satiate our need for speed.

The story looks interesting too, and we're eager to find out just what Jack is running away from...

Sep 21, 2011

Hollander Cooper

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