Need For Speed: Most Wanted is available to pre-order on PSN for... HOW MUCH?

The new PlayStation Store is finally live in the UK, but one of the first things you see when you open it is a large banner advertising a pre-order for Need For Speed: Most Wanted. We're excited for the game (as it's essentially Burnout Paradise 2 as our recent preview will attest), but look at the price it's going for:

Above: PSN's pre-order offer for Need For Speed: Most Wanted

£59.99? For that price, you'd expect to get a DLC bundle with it, or perhaps a small hamper full of chocolates and branded biscuits. But no - you get an online pass, access to two extra cars and four hours of double XP when you play online. Compare that with's pre-order for a boxed copy of the Limited Edition version of the game, which also comes with an online pass, access to two extra cars and four hours of double XP:

Above:'s similar pre-order for Need For Speed: Most Wanted, only as a boxed product

That's 37% cheaper for what appears to be the same thing. PSN copies' manufacturing costs are surely lower, distribution is easier... online is supposed to cost less. We have contacted EA to ask whether there's a special reason for the elevated price and we'll update this story when we hear back from them.[***UPDATE***EA kindly got back to us and said... 'No comment'.***UPDATE ENDS***]

Incidentally, the Xbox Marketplace doesn't appear to have a pre-order offer for the game, so we can't compare prices with that just yet. The game is due out on November 2 so we'll know soon enough.

Justin Towell

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