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Need For Speed ProStreet review

Deep, varied and solid - the NFS racing series is back to its winning ways


  • Surprisingly fun races
  • Decent variety
  • Plenty of real-world cars


  • Devoid of personality
  • Horrific soundtrack
  • Money comes too slowly

Dec 11, 2007

We understand if you shrug at the appearance of yet another episode in the long-running Need For Speed series. After all, between the Undergrounds, Carbons and other assorted NFS-titled accoutrements, it's become sorta tough to keep up with where the franchise is going these days. However, despite the collective yawn coming from the mouths of gamers around the world, there's no disputing one simple fact - Need for Speed ProStreet on the DS is a tight and polished portable racer. Too bad it doesn't have the personality to match its looks, otherwise we'd be totally smitten.

There isn't much in the way of introduction or character definition. After a couple of perfunctory lines of text to let you know your dude's name is Ryan Cooper, you pretty much cease to have any connection to anything but your small stable of cars. This, frankly, is a pretty good thing, since there's a more-than-respectable selection of rides to choose from. Even more impressive is the distinct feel of the various cars you eventually come to own. After we'd come up with a bit of cash and nabbed an Audi TT, we were surprised at how much smoother it drove than any of our original stash. Sure, this is expected on a console racer, but a handheld? Impressive.

More Info

DescriptionWelcome back Need for Speed! It's been a long time since you've left us with a headache and sore thumbs. We've missed your awesome graphics and superior racing gameplay.
Franchise nameNeed for Speed
UK franchise nameNeed for Speed
PlatformPS3, PS2, Wii, PSP, DS, Xbox 360, PC
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
Release date13 November 2007 (US), 2 November 2007 (UK)