Need For Speed: Most Wanted cheats

Need For Speed: Most Wanted cheats
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Using these Need For Speed: Most Wanted cheats will help you unlock some special cars and upgrades to boost your career, and we also have guides for various 'collectibles' sites to visit.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted guides

Need For Speed: Most Wanted cheats

Porsche Cayman

At the Start screen, press L, R(3), Right, Left, Right, Down or L1, R1(3), Right, Left, Right, Down to unlock the Porsche Cayman. Note: problems have been reported with this code. It may not work on all versions of the game, so make sure you have the latest updates.

Castrol Syntec Ford GT

At the Start screen, press Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down to unlock the Castrol Syntec Ford GT.

One Stop Shop Marker

At the Start screen, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Up, Down to unlock a special marker for the Junkman Engine part in the back room of the One Stop Shop in Career mode. Note: This code can only be enabled once per career.

Unlock Burger King Challenge

At the Start screen, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right to unlock the Burger King challenge.

Pontiac GTO

At the click to continue screen enter "givemethegto" to unlock the Pontiac GTO.

Ford-GT Castrol Edition

At the click to continue screen enter "castrol" to unlock the Ford-GT castrol edition car.

Burger King

At the click to continue screen enter "burgerking" to unlock the Burger King Challenge.

Unlock Cars

At the main menu, enter iammostwanted to unlock all cars.

Get All Bosses' Cars

After you defeat a blacklist boss, you get to choose two markers from that boss. Choose two of the two ? ones. If you do not get the pinkslip, turn the power off and start over. Then choose again two of those same markers. Keep doing this until you get the pinkslip. It works 98% of the time. **Make sure you save before challenging a boss**

Max Car Upgrades (Online And Quick Race)

At the main start menu press up down up down left right left right. This will unlock a Challenge Series Event. It will tell you that you have unlocked it and it will be at the bottom of the Challenge list. It is called the Burger King Challenge. If you complete it you will get all Junkman Upgrades for performance. Then just go into My Cars and upgrade them first with as much of the stuff you have earned as you can. Then go do some visual changes and THEN go back and put on the JunkMan Upgrades this will Max out all of the Cars you want in Performance.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted tips

Do Not Get Busted

First save.Then if you almost busted and you cant escape pause and turn off your PS2. Then when you turn it back on you wont be in pursuit or be busted.

Demo Derby/Way To Lose Cops

If you're being tailed by cops, go to the college hospital and go through the fences onto the helipad. If a cop follows you, ram him off. (note: this is also a great cooldown spot!)

Bonus $10,000

If you have a saved game file from Need For Speed: Underground 2 on your memory card or hard drive, you'll get an extra $10,000 in Career mode.

Avoid Sargent Cross

When Sargent Cross's team pulls up in front of you, throw the car into a powerslide U-turn. This will help you avoid being boxed in by the anti-street-racer squad.

Quick Evade

To get away from the cops: Go to the baseball stadium, in Rosewood. When you are in the pursuit press the left button on the D-pad - this brings up the map. Go to the Rosewood section and find the two closest Pursuit Breakers (orange triangles - they should be really close together). Set your GPS (clicking the 'A' button on the Pursuit Breaker) and go there. Go on either side of the stadium. Go and hit one of the sides (a big sign), it should fall, and you should be in the stadium. Go through the other side but don't knock this one down. You should now be facing the the road. Turn around (now facing the stadium). Go through and THIS time knock it down. You should be inside the stadium, and the entrances are blocked off - the cops can't get in to you. They should lose you and you will evade them. If done right, it works every time.

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