NCSoft launches Lineage II - Interlude

NCSoft's promised Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle - Interlude update for the MMORPG has beenreleased in Europe and North America, paving the way the game's next chapter The Chaotic Throne.

Free to all current Lineage II subscribers, Interlude includes the likes of new land Primeval Isle (home to dinosaurs), a new duelling system and over 150 new bonuses to enhance and customize weapons.

"Interlude introduces exciting new elements to the world of Lineage II and teases players as to what is to come in The Chaotic Throne. Plus, we have an entire island of dinosaurs to hunt - what is there not to like? Interlude once again demonstrates NCsoft's commitment to providing players with regular fresh content and sizeable challenges for both new and experienced players," said Mirko Gozzo, Lineage II's European product manager.

April 16, 2007