NBA Street Homecourt screens front up

Tuesday 17 October, 2006
With Fight Night, FIFA and Tiger Woods all benefiting from Xbox 360's shiny new visual tricks, the NBA Street series is the next in EA's sports line-up to make the jump.

Whether it's the eerily lifelike character models (complete with all-important next-gen coat of sweat) or the hyper-saturated lighting making its courts look like a scene from CSI, NBA Street Homecourt certainly looks the part.

Above: As with Fight Night, the next-gen difference is most obvious in the facial detail

How it plays is another matter; while its urban stylings probably can't undergo as interesting a next-gen revolution as EA Chicago's plans for Def Jam, we hope EA can use the power of 360 (and PS3) to bring us a few surprises before the game's yet-to-be-announced launch.