Naughty Dog unveils The Last of Us multiplayer

Not quite two weeks before The Last of Us is due to release, Naughty Dog finally gave several press outlets a tour of the game's multiplayer mode. It looks a lot like a stealthier, craftier version of Uncharted's multiplayer, with a loose narrative attached to provide goals between matches, according to Push Square.

Players must create a character to get started in multiplayer and choose from a variety of appearances, unlockable apparel, and either the Fireflies or Hunters faction. Then they can jump into 4v4 matches against the opposing group.

Characters can crawl, sneak, and listen just like in the campaign. Non-traditional weaponry like molotov cocktails or nailbombs must be crafted from materials found in caches across the map, and ammunition is always scarce. Improved senses and deadly weaponry make each match slower and more nerve-wracking than Uncharted's high-flying brawls.

It wouldn't be a modern console shooter without all kinds of persistence, so on top of upgrading weapons and armor mid-match, players must take home supplies to provide for a growing camp of survivors. Each multiplayer match represents one day of a twelve-week campaign, in which you'll have to provide for the group through supplies and multi-match challenges as best you can.

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Connor Sheridan

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