Natal to be "imagined" by Cirque de Soleil at E3

This morning Microsoft let us know that the world famous Cirque du Soleil would be performing for us at Natal’s E3 unveiling. The invite offers no further information, other than to let us know that this will be a “technology-free event” and that we must leave our cameras at home.

Above:We're giddy with expectation

Cirque de Soleil captures the joy of movement, the expressiveness of form, the pure magic of the human body performing wondrous feats of agility and strength. And so does Natal? Let’s have a look at the Cirque in action.

If you or I tried pulling any of those stunts we’d end up in the emergency room, or worse. Now let’s see what an actual person looks like while playing a Natal game.

Well, maybe the unveiling will change our surly attitude and show us that Natal will actually make us feel like we're gliding as gracefully as a circus star across our living rooms. Or more likely, it’s just more spectacle and hubris to enliven the E3 season. Either way, we’ll be there without our cameras to let you know.

May 13, 2010