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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes review

The second most popular anime of the century puts up a solid fight on PSP, but it does seem familiar


  • Fast
  • button-breaking combat
  • Bright
  • slick graphics
  • Fan-service


  • Fewer characters than on PS2
  • Gets tough
  • Long loads

Aug 29, 2007

You’ll be forgiven if you feel like you’ve played this orange-clad ninja beatdown before: it’s a stripped-down port of the PS2 brawler Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2, which was itself only slightly tweaked from the firstUltimate Ninja which came out just last year. So yes: if you’ve played one of these “3D characters in 2D worlds” bash-a-thons – or the Smash Brothers games they’re clearly styled after – you should be right at home. Which is good, because then you can get straight to the really rather nicely crafted face-kicking.

This is flat-out one-on-one combat, plain and simple. Well, okay: it’s simple, but not too plain. All of the 20 characters – down from 30 in Ultimate 2 - are mystical ninja of one kind or another. So, your base selection of punches, kicks, thrown weapons and guard breaks are complemented by flashy, “jutsu” moves – like, for instance, when Sakura spawns a giant-sized spirit clone of herself with fireball eyes and a tendency to smash her enemies under its mammoth open palm.

More Info

DescriptionIf you like your fighting games full of licensed anime characters bashing one another's 3D ninja teeth in, look no further than this.
Franchise nameNaruto
UK franchise nameNaruto
US censor ratingTeen
UK censor ratingRating Pending
Release date28 August 2007 (US), (UK)