Naraka: Bladepoint bot matches coming as a surprise to confused fans

Naraka: Bladepoint
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Naraka: Bladepoint is dropping players into a match with bots when they enter their very first game.

As pointed out by PC Gamer (opens in new tab), Naraka: Bladepoint is kicking things off with a smooth learning curve, dropping players into their first match to face off exclusively against AI bots. However, the game doesn't actually communicate with the player that it's done this, which is leading to considerable confusion online. 

For example, if you head over to the user reviews section of Naraka: Bladepoint, you'll find the game's received a mixed reception. A slew of players are claiming that the game takes no skill to master, while others are pointing out that they've likely only played matches against bots.

It turns out that Naraka: Bladepoint keeps utilizing bots even after that first initial match. Players write on the game's Steam page that you'll apparently only face bots for your first few matches, while Naraka: Bladepoint mixes in human enemies with AI opponents. After these initial few games however, you'll be facing off exclusively against other human players.

It's easy to see why this has lead to a bit of confusion among players, and a false perception that Naraka: Bladepoint doesn't take any skill to master. If you're curious about the game from NetEase, you can give it a try right now on PC, as it launched worldwide through Steam just yesterday on August 12.

At some point in the future though, NetEase's game is arriving on PS5 consoles. We don't know when exactly, but the developer previously stated that it'd be arriving "soon (opens in new tab)." Here's hoping console players can delve into the melee-based 60-player battle royale game sooner rather than later.

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