Music Monstars review

Too bad the sound quality is monstrous

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  • +

    Cute cartoon monsters

  • +

    Might amuse kids

  • +

    Can record your own tracks


  • -

    Appalling quality of tunes

  • -

    Markers can blur into a confusing mess

  • -

    Fake karaoke

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Arriving too late to cash in on grannies buying %26lsquo;that music game%26rsquo; for Christmas, Music MonStars is a rhythm-actioner where you play guitar, keyboards and drums. There%26rsquo;s a mildly spooky theme (with cartoony ghosts, vampires and what looks like a gimp), but what%26rsquo;s really frightening is the appalling quality of the tunes. Eighteen %26lsquo;tophits%26rsquo; have been put through a Craptone%26trade; synthesiser and then overlaid with Ouendan-ish markers, which are serviceable enough but can blur into a confusing mess on harder settings.

There%26rsquo;s an option to record your own multi-track compositions using the three instruments, but we found their artificial parping so painful it was hard to be tuneful. The box also boasts of a %26lsquo;Karaoke mode%26rsquo; %26ndash; which means you can read the lyrics on the top screen. Singing into the mic has no effect, apart from making you look a berk.

Mar 11, 2009

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DescriptionThough you can record your own tracks, Music Monstars suffers from poor quality tunes that will only amuse children.
US censor rating""
UK censor rating"3+"
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)