MotorStorm erupts

It's arguably the most visually impressive of the all the PS3 launch games, so we thought we'd bring you some more jaw dropping images of Sony's off-roader, MotorStorm.

The new shots focus on the dramatic crashes that occur in the race, something you should prepare yourself for. MotorStorm is a particularly tough challenge thanks to the rugged terrain and uncompromising AI opponents.

Crashes can occur from landing badly after one of the many gravity defying jumps, trying to mix in with the larger vehicles or overdoing the boost. Basically, when you first start the game you'll be spending just as much time on your roof as you will on your wheels.

Critically, MotorStorm has received some of the highest praise of all the PS3 games showcased so far and, graphically, it's a definite step forwards from anything on PS2. Hit the Images tab above to check out all the latest shots.

December 6, 2006