Mother Righteous’s very long game reaches its end in Nightcrawlers #3

Mother Righteous
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The third and final issue of Nightcrawlers brings the bleakly hilarious series to a close by shining a spotlight on the tyrannical Mother Righteous

The comic has leapt forward in time with each issue and now, hundreds of years into the future, Righteous - one of four clones of Mister Sinister - is ruling an empire of Nightkin with an iron fist. The first two issues established that she is a supremely powerful and dangerous being, but she has made enemies along the way...

Nightcrawlers #3 is written by Si Spurrier and drawn by Alessandro Vitti. Check out the cover by Leinil Francis Yu below and the first four pages of the new issue.

Nightcrawlers is part of the ongoing Sins of Sinister crossover event, which is running throughout this book, Immoral X-Men and Storm & The Brotherhood Of Mutants. In it, Mister Sinister has managed to corrupt the timeline, ensuring that every time a mutant is brought back to life through the Resurrection Protocols, they become a bit, well, Sinister. This naturally has cataclysmic effects on reality. The story comes to a conclusion in Sins of Sinister: Dominion #1.

Here's Marvel's official synopsis for the issue: "LISTEN TO MOTHER! Now that we know who she truly is, it's time to taste the horrific ambitions lurking in the heart of MOTHER RIGHTEOUS... The galaxy burns... The pieces are in place... The Storm System rages... The NIGHTKIN make a last, lethal leap...and the GREAT DEVOURER hungers only for vengeance. The experiment is over. The cosmic laboratory is on fire. At last, the Sinister Galaxy will feel the wrath of one seriously baaaad mother..."

Nightcrawlers #3 is published by Marvel Comics on April 19.

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