Mortal Kombat video: Full Access Preview

In this episode: Brett and Mike push Street Fighter and MvC aside in favor of a brand new Mortal Kombat demo. Ice balls are tossed, baby makers are smashed and Fatalities are miserably failed before your very eyes.

The new MK demo is, for the moment, exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers and will arrive on regular PSN on March 15. The 360 demo will come "later," so who knows when you'll be able to sample one of Warner Bros' biggest games of the year. Why would you want a concrete date?

Above: Insert your own hilarious caption here, there must be dozens of possibilities

Mike and I are still warming up, so naturally there aren't any high-level combos or anything like that in this video. However, the mechanics clearly suggest a deep, interesting fighter that we'll want to dissect further when it releases April 19. Until then, watch the bloodiest FAP to date!

March 8, 2011

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