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Mario Sports Mix video - Full Access Playthrough

This here%26rsquo;s a FAP, not a review, but I can easily say this is one of the more vile Mario games I%26rsquo;ve ever played. No, I%26rsquo;m not speaking strictly as a fan of the main series - I%26rsquo;ve loved almost every Mario sports game ever. Love the Tennis games, Strikers Charged is tits, and even though I hate the sport of golf and the people who play it, Toadstool Tour is in my Top 5 GameCube games, and the GBC version is one of my favorite portable RPGs of all time (Seriously!) With that in mind, Mario Sports Mix hurt me%26hellip; deeply. Luckily, this is how GR deals with trauma: BOOMSHAKALAKA!

In addition to something we enjoy immensely on TalkRadar, doing cornball sportscasters was just another way of dealing with something traumatic. Which Mario Sports Mix very much was, for me anyway. While it%26rsquo;s nowhere near as bad as a lot of awful Wii sports compilations, (although it%26rsquo;s certainly guilty of the same uninspired halfassery) it%26rsquo;s certainly the worst Mario sports experience I can recall having. Perhaps the rest of the series set the bar too high%26hellip; but yeah, derivative, fugly and almost completely devoid of depth and personality. Now how the hell did Square-Enix get roped into putting Chocobos in this? MAN, PUT A TENT ON THAT CIRCUS - BANG!

Feb 8, 2011

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