More ways to play on Wii

The Wii remote won't be the only way gamers will be able to interact with Nintendo's new console, as the games giant has vowed to make any sort of controller to suit any type of game.

"If the game requires a peripheral, then we'll supply a peripheral - it's all about the end user's experience and that's the top priority for us," Katsuya Eguchi, creator of Wii Sports, said during a recent interview.

We've already seen evidence of a regular control pad and a lightgun but it seems Nintendo is hoping to extend the range of peripherals. Perhaps, after the success of games like Guitar Hero, Nintendo realizes that gamers will spend on peripherals if they add an extra dimension to the gaming experience.

So soon we could see Wii swords, tennis racquets, golf clubs, batons and cooking utensils - the possibilities are endless.

June 9, 2006