More Virtual Console lovin' from Sega

The way Sega keeps hosing downWii with old school affection, you really have to wonder if they're still bitterat Sony and Microsoft for booting themout of the hardware market. Hell, just look at the recent treatmentof acertain hedgehog if youneed more proof of ourhypothetical vendetta. (Double the score?)

Any hoo, here's the rundown of the classic Sega games headingto a Virtual Consolein the near future.

Sonic Spinball
If you think about it, afterconquering loopy plains, lava fields and aquatic labrynths,a pinball simulationwas clearly theonly logical progresionfor the little blue guy.

Don't let the name fool you into thinking this isnothing morethan a showy displayof decaying technology- even though it was. This gem was one of the last great titles to grace the ailing Genesis.

Sword of Vermillion
At the time, this little RPG featuring a son avenging his royal father came with a 100+ page hint book. But more interestingly,Nintendo canfinally gloat overthis ad. Nintendoes too!

Beyond Oasis
Prince Ali - Fabulous he!The aformetioned hero was using magic towage waragainst an otherworldly evil years before a certain Persian made it look oh-so shiek.

All these can beyours for the asking price of a mere800 Wii points each (8 human dollars).

February 22, 2007