More than 50 3D PS3 games are on the way

While the Wii can't produce stereoscopic 3D graphics and Microsoft refuses to promote the Xbox 360's 3D capabilities, the PS3 3D train is running at full speed.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe director Mick Hockinghas revealedthat more than 50 upcoming PS3 games will have support for the newfangled 3D TVs.

You may assume that 48 of these are first-party titleswhich have received the 3D mandate from Sony, but actually, more than half are third-party titles.

"That's a really, really good sign that the industry is behind our unique message that 3D is a key element in the future of home consoles," said Hocking.

Sony is "training" these third-partystudios in 3D development techniques so that they can "get the very best out of the technology on PS3."Perhaps they'll bring some of Sony's stereoscopic insight to Xbox 360 projects as well... but then again, if you own an Xbox 360, did you even know it can play 3D games?

So, if you have a PS3, the 3D onslaught is coming your way. Of course, you'll have to get a second mortgage on your house andwear silly-looking3D glassesfor thecorrect setup, but that's another story.


Nov 23, 2010