More Sonic Unleashed images

Sega has "unleashed" a handful ofnew screenshotsof its upcoming Sonic instalment, Sonic Unleashed - and worryingly it's still looking quite good.

The new game, which will beon Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3, takes a long-awaited refocus on platforming (the crazy wolf stuff aside). Reassuringly, the game's lead designer Yoshihisa Hashimoto has even cut ties with the last awful 360/PS3 Sonic game, stating that Unleashed has "no relation" to it.

"As a development team, we originally started off this project planning to create Sonic Adventure 3," Hashimoto revealed to the Official Nintendo magazine. "In our minds, this game will have more in common with the older Sonic Adventure series. It has no relation to Sonic the Hedgehog [on PS3/Xbox 360] or Sonic and the Secret Rings."

Here's hoping.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 28, 2008