More Man Of Steel Clark Kent pictures online

Those of you of an anti-spoiler disposition should stop reading right now, because the following article contains potential spoilers for Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel .

Those of you with a fondness for rugged beards, ripped trousers and granite abs should stay right where you are though, as this story was clearly tailor-made for you.

Earlier set shots of Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) felt a little Batman Begins , as we saw him unshaven, dressed in shabby clothes, looking like a bit of a hobo.

It's hard to tell exactly what's going on in these images, but it looks like Clark will be living rough for a while before he dons the iconic super-suit.

The ripped trousers and even more ripped abs feel a little bit 'Incredible Hulk', but it looks like Cavill's high-protein diet and superhero workout are paying dividends.

Check out the images here:

Man Of Steel
opens on 14 June 2013 in the US.

Matt Maytum
Editor, Total Film

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