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More Japanese gamers own Dreamcasts than Xbox 360s

The survey was completed by over a thousand Japanese gamers, with a higher percentage of respondants admitting to owning a Dreamcast than an Xbox 360. Sony fanboys shouldn't snigger too hard, though.SNES and Game Boy Advance both tallied higher than PS3 in the list.

Sadly, of all the named consoles in the list before the also-ran 'other' category, PSP Go was lowest, with a grand total of four people admitting they own the machine. Sigh.

The full list looks like this:

Nintendo DS (all models): 407
PlayStation 2: 373
Wii: 288

PSP: 200
SNES: 168
PlayStation: 163
Game Boy Advance: 162
PlayStation 3: 126
Game Boy (other models): 121
Nintendo 64: 108
Gamecube: 90
NES: 84
Dreamcast: 44
Xbox 360: 30
Xbox: 16
PSP Go: 4
Other: 43

Of course, this is a relatively minuscule sample of a huge gaming nation. And it's from a site we've never heard of. So it's clearly a 100% accurate reflection of the Japanese gaming demographic. Oh yes.

The conclusion has to be that Dreamcast is somehow better than 360.Even thoughyou could easily argue that Xbox 360 is the spiritual descendant of Dreamcast, representing everything that Sega's console once stood for. But try telling that to the ungrateful children of Japan.

Sotell us- which consoles do you still play regularly?

25 Jan, 2011

Source:Sankaku Complex(site NSFW). Got a news tip? Let us know at

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