More Demon's Souls details confirm no ray-tracing, enhanced character creator, and all-new photo mode

Demon's Souls PS5
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More details about the Demon's Souls PS5 remake have been revealed, and there's quite a bit to unpack.

First, Japanese website GamesPark has confirmed that Demon's Souls will not support ray tracing on PS5. Even though the remake has significantly increased the visual fidelity and introduced more realistic lighting techniques, ray tracing will not be present. 

However, you'll be enjoying some breath-taking visuals without ray-tracing, and with the revamped photo mode you'll be able to take some pretty insane photos. The official PlayStation Blog confirms that the new Photo Mode will let you remove weapons and armor from the shot if you'd like. You can even remove your character if you'd prefer to snap a gorgeous landscape pic, or keep the character in and select specific poses and expressions. Add some film grain, or a filter that makes it look like the original 2009 title. But what's perhaps the coolest feature is that any Photo Mode filter will be available during gameplay - I can only imagine the videos that are going to come out of this game.

Then there's the extensive character customization options, which are a far cry from the original game's options. There are up to 16 million different permutations for your character's appearance, with options to adjust the bridge of their nose, or give them spiky teeth. Yes, spiky teeth. There's just so many options and different ways to make the character your own that you should expect Demon's Souls to be a time sink before you even get to the gameplay. 

Demon's Souls will launch November 12,  the same day as the PS5 release date.

Demon's Souls remake has "over 180 videos" for PS5 activities tips.

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