Monument Valley 2 is free on iOS and Android as a "virtual hug" from Ustwo Games

(Image credit: Ustwo Games)

Monument Valley 2 is free on iOS and Android for a limited time. If you've found yourself staring at your phone with a mounting sense of dread recently, Monument Valley 2 will help you stare at your phone with a mind-expanding sense of wonder instead.

You can pick Monument Valley 2 up on the App Store for iPhone and iPad here, or on Google Play for Android devices here.

Like the 2014 original, Monument Valley 2 is a puzzle game in which you navigate through colorful, minimalist and utterly impossible landscapes. Though deceptively simple at first, moving your characters through each stage as the landscape assembles itself before you will require you to rethink your notion of little things like space and perception.

Monument Valley 2 builds on the first game by adding a second figure to navigate through these strange worlds. The story is once again told entirely without words, but watching the two characters interact adds a lovely bit of grounding to the tale - and watching them get split up by sudden bouts of non-Euclidean geometry makes you want to solve those puzzles and reunite them even faster.

Ustwo Games has confirmed that a third Monument Valley game is on the way and that a new game director will take over the project. The same studio also put out Assemble With Care late last year, a former Apple Arcade exclusive that just went live on Steam yesterday.

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