Monster Hunter World may not be coming to Switch, but Capcom has big plans for Nintendo's portable console

Ah, shareholders' meetings; that ever reliable source of off-the-cuff info about a publisher's plans for new games, franchises, and release schedules. God bless corporate capitalism. The latest gaming info dump arrives courtesy of a recent Capcom shareholders' meeting this week, in which the publisher specifically shed light on its plans for the series on Nintendo Switch. 

Monster Hunter World released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in January, with a PC port scheduled for later this year, so Nintendo fans have long been wondering whether the game would be hitting their home-handheld hybrid at some point in the future, especially given the franchise's rich history with Ninty consoles. 

But sadly, it looks like Monster Hunter World on Nintendo Switch definitely isn't happening, not because Capcom doesn't want to, but because it's almost impossible to port such a massive, technically ambitious game to the little console that could.  

There is a silver lining, though. Capcom expressed its interest in bringing more Monster Hunter to Switch in the future, even suggesting the possibility of a Monster Hunter game "made especially for Switch."

Now wouldn't that be something. Ever since Monster Hunter has catapulted into the mainstream with World, making Capcom a crap ton of money in the process, the prospect of a proper Monster Hunter game for Switch sounds all too enticing. 

It probably wouldn't look quite as pretty, but the prospect of exclusivity - as aggravating as that sounds for PS4 and Xbox One players - gives Capcom the freedom to make good use of all the Switch's unique capabilities. I, for one, can't wait to fight Rathians on the subway, having their skin made into shoes by the time I've reached the station.

In the meantime, Nintendo Switch owners have Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate in August to look forward to, which brings the original 3DS game from 2016 to the console with updated graphics, extra content, and more. 

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Alex Avard

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