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Mondovino review

A fruity little documentary about the global wine industry, Mondovino boasts a full body and a deliciously thoughtful aftertaste.

Crossing three continents to assess the impact of globalisation on vineyards and vintners, filmmaker Jonathan Nossiter discovers the grapes of wrath as Old World farmers clash with New World business strategies, deforestation and corporate corruption. A movie about people not vino, it's full of offbeat characters, from wizened French farmers philosophising about "the wines that make you dream, that make you transcend time" to brash US millionaires, wine critics and corporate suits more interested in balancing their spreadsheets than quaffing chardonnay.

Casting a mischievous eye over the proceedings, Nossiter pricks the inflated egos of his contributors with some clever editing, ironic camera shots and the odd farting dog. At over two hours, it's far too long, but it's easy to forgive such a witty,
provocative vintage.

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