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Monday Link-A-Mania

Lots of big news today, with Godzilla , The BFG and a Justice League movie.

Zack Snyder is to direct Warner Bros’ Justice League movie. The film will be shot back-to-back with Superman Vs Batman , with the Super-sequel leading into Justice League – not a massive surprise seeing as half of the Justice League have already been confirmed for the Man Of Steel follow-up anyway. Snyder also said that depending on how Gal Gadot’s performance of Wonder Woman is received, she may get her own film spin-off.

• Fox is talking about taking its branch of the Marvel comics universe on TV. Writer/producer Simon Kinberg has been talking about developing the X-Men and Fantastic Four universes , saying that "the serialised format of comic books is better suited to TV". He also said he was interested in making an R-rated Deadpool film, which would be a lot darker than the previous Marvel films.

Coming Soon has a new pic from Godzilla . The still gives us a good look at the King of Monsters, who'll be crashing his way into cinemas on Thursday 15 May.

Steven Spielberg has signed up to direct a film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG . At the moment Spielberg is working on a Cold War thriller starring Tom Hanks, but the big friendly movie should start filming in 2015 with a 2016 release date.

• It's long been rumoured that Atari put thousands of copies of its flop ET game into landfill in 1980. Now it appears that those games have been rediscovered in New Mexico ...

Lucasfilm has made it official that the new Star Wars sequels won't be following the timelines created in the Expanded Universe stories, and confirmed the creation of a story group to make sure future tales (whether movies, TV, books or comics) all exist in one consistent "history". Previous Expanded Universe stories (like Timothy Zahn's Heir To The Empire) will be put out under a new Legends banner.

There's a new trailer for the new Damon Lindelof-produced HBO show The Leftovers . It's an adaptation of Tom Perrotta’s book, which follows people living in the aftermath of a Rapture-like phenomenon. It will air on HBO in the US from 29 June, coming to Sky Atlantic in the UK soon after.

• London VFX house Milk has won a British Academy Television Craft Award for its work on Doctor Who 50th anniversary special "The Day Of The Doctor" . Milk CEO Will Cohen said: “We are beyond delighted to be recognised by the Academy for our work on Doctor Who . For a company set to celebrate its first year in business at the beginning of June this is a fairytale ending to the year!“