While New Vegas veterans lure players to their deaths, Fallout 76 players are instead helping the MMO's newbies take advantage of its enemy-melting Perk system

Unlike their Fallout New Vegas brethren, Fallout 76 players are attempting to help newbies by walking them through builds and customization options. 

The Fallout TV show is a certified hit for Amazon, and its popularity has sent droves of players to check out Bethesda's games. Some, like Fallout New Vegas players, have been luring newbies to their deaths in ungodly locations, while others, like Fallout 76 players, have been attempting to actually help newcomers by walking them through certain aspects of the games. 

The tweet below, for example, is drawing a lot of discussion from Fallout 76 players. It's effectively a veteran player trying to dispel the myth that the MMO's enemies are "bullet sponges," by pointing out that you could, and should, take advantage of the various 'Perk' cards you can obtain to customize your character and augment them in different ways. 

Perk cards are obtained whenever the player levels up, and aren't always associated with the skill you just increased to level up - you might get a one-handed weapon Perk card from increasing your Charisma, for example. The 'Hacker' Perk card increases your Hacking skill and decreases your terminal lock-out time, while the 'Gun Runner' Perk card increases your speed while you're wielding a pistol.

"This. If you are new to Fallout 76 one of the biggest differences to previous games is that you REALLY need to plan a build. You can’t be a 'master of all things' like in the single-player games," responds one Twitter user to the advice above. "Part of what I love about Fallout 76 is the ability to play with different builds. It has a really fun deck builder element," adds another Twitter user, who also just happens to be a developer at Rare on Sea of Thieves.

Another Twitter user, meanwhile, fully admits that bosses can still be bullet sponges, and that weapons like shotguns require a lot of more investment and attention to power up using the Perk system. "Relax, they write, before adding that "Builds can be changed and most are viable end-game for mobs with some needing more work than others."

There's even a Fallout 76 character planner site that lets you mix and match skills and Perk cards while you're outside the MMO. The same Twitter user notes that it can let you plan out how you're going to become a "DPS, support, tank, or roleplayer" in the huge game. If you're thinking about checking out the much-improved MMO, heed this advice. 

Finally, Game Developer's Holly Green weighs in with some sage advice for newcomers in the Twitter thread just below. Green firstly recommends turning on 'Pacifist' mode to prevent accidentally triggering PvP combat, but the writer also points out that newbies should use the donation boxes at locations scattered throughout the Fallout 76 map, since veterans are donating items right now.

Additionally, Green says claiming and defending 'Workshops' found in Fallout 76 is a great way of racking up XP quickly. You also might be tempted to go it alone with some in-game events, but Green recommends sticking around until other players join you, for an easier time. 

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Hirun Cryer

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