Molyneux makes Dimitri "discovery"

Peter Molyneux has made a 'significant discovery' during the development of the ever-elusive Dimitri, a "game" he's been drip-teasing the development of since 1999.

"Since Black & White, we've been thinking a lot about AI," he said in an interview with Gamers Global.

"Lionhead was founded with that thought of AI in mind. In terms of the core or the theory of the AI, we've moved from Black & White onto a project called Dimitri, which I've been tantalising you about for a long time. And that team kept on researching. Dimitri was always an experimental thing, which is why I never showed it.

"And then it moved from that experiment to a moment in time that happened six months ago when a discovery was made, and this discovery has been so exciting that it has lead to Lionhead focusing on it and sculpting a game around that."I think that discovery is so significant," the Lionhead boss added. "This discovery has led us to start a game and that game will be on the front cover of Nature magazines and Science magazines."

Back in 2005 Molyneux toldus that Dimitri was, "about you. It allows anyone who plays the game to relive their life, their entire individual life. That's a pretty ambitious concept."

But it's OK, Microsoft PR department - apparently he's saying "absolutely nothing" about Dimitri, despite erm, already having done so.

"I've been sat down in a room by the head of PR and been told to not talk about it," he said. You can't teach an old dog new tricks...

Courtesy of CVG.

March 10, 2008