MoH: Airborne footage lands

Wednesday 8 November 2006
Explosions that rumble like the bowels of the devil himself, blasts that catapult Nazi rag dolls in Fosbury Flops, tracer, searchlights, burning Dakotas and screaming Yanks. If you're looking for fiddly, pedantic foot soldiering in your trailers, go somewhere else. This is Medal of Honor: Airborne, and it's big, dumb and very, very noisy.

But this footage shows more than just the carnage, chaos and cinematics of the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC WWII shooter. As part of this clip you can also see how each mission begins with a steerable 'chute drop. So as you fall into Italy, France, Holland and, eventually, Germany, you will be able to pick you landing point.

So do you aim straight for your objective or pick a more roundabout route? And since your skills beneath the silk also decide how, when and if you come up fighting after the landing, you need to pick a safe landing spot.

Above: This might be next-gen but the characters in Airborne still manage to keep that angular Medal of Honor look

With huge new landscapes to explore both on-high and down in the mud, developer EA promises open battlefields where you can opt for either a direct assault or attempt to flank and snipe your way to Berlin. It has even been revealed that an online option and extra downloadable content will be added but there's no when, where or what yet.

So while we poke EA in the ribs with our pointy bayonets to find out more, you can click on the movies tab above and see Medal of Honor: Airborne in action for yourself.