Modern Combat regroups for 360

EA has been showing off its stunning visuals for the Xbox 360 version of its console shooter Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

Rather than just porting the Xbox version over to the new console, as it did with several of its sports games, EA, along with developer DICE, has ramped up the polygon count for every object in the game and increased the amount of texture detail to ensure the game looks its best on HDTVs.

It's not just the graphical quality that has changed, as now the mid-battle 'Hotswapping' feature that allows you to switch control to different squad members in a blink of an eye has been made easier.

This goes someway to counteract the fact that the single-player game will be getting tougher; EA has made the AI troops more aggressive and their targeting far more accurate to make the 360 Battlefield a really hardcore experience.

The 360 version will support 24-player Xbox Live play and will include the four extra maps that were downloadable for Xbox.